According to the Associated Press (AP) news agency, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit Ukraine on an official visit.

In an interview with the AP, Zelenskyy stated, “We are ready to see him here.

The president of state of Ukraine previously revealed to a Japanese publication that he had made Beijing a proposal to conduct discussions with Xi through diplomatic channels earlier in May.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February of last year, Xi and Zelenskyy have not spoken, although China presented a 12-point proposal for “a political settlement to the Ukrainian situation” last month.

De-escalation request from Xi

During on a state visit to Moscow last week, Xi spoke with his “close friend,” Russian President Vladimir Putin, about the crisis, though there was little sign of progress on a solution to the conflict.

The suggestion from China calls for a de-escalation of the situation and a potential cease-fire in Ukraine. The nation chose not to criticise Russia for invading Ukraine, nevertheless.

US scepticism

Beijing’s peace offering has been brushed down by Washington. A truce, according to the U.S., would secure Russian territory gains and give Putin’s troops more time to reorganise.

China’s diplomatic intervention has been welcomed by Ukraine, although Zelenskyy has stated that he will only entertain peace agreements when Russian soldiers have left Ukrainian soil.

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