WTF are you talking about, everyone who says this site is garbage?

This website is excellent since you can view movies there for free and without commercials if you use adblockers.

This evaluation is for

I just don’t like the idea that * needs the credit card information at all. I also read the reviews left by users, and all I could see were issues—not cool

Swindle to obtain credit card details. Linking to free video streaming services, according to ads and a factory for pop-ups. Site is awful, and pages load slowly.
ads and a factory for pop-ups. Site is awful, and pages load slowly. \

Swindle to obtain credit card details. Webpage advertises links to services that stream videos for free. If so, why do they demand money? (They will be when the “free trial” expires, yeah.) Don’t divulge any personal information. I strongly advise everyone to ignore this website.

Provides pirated movies and is an illegal warez site, both of which are violations of copyright.

requires users to register on *, a dubious website that asks for credit card information and then makes fraudulent transactions to customers’ accounts until the card is blacklisted.

This is yet another internet streaming scam site that either doesn’t have or own what they promote or that tries to cancel a “trial” subscription by making small payments to the naive viewer’s credit card.

The top movie website, *, offers totally free online movie streaming. Only instant streaming of movies, no downloading or surveys. You may watch the newest movies in the best quality. Use to watch your favourite movies.

Another fake website that asks for personal information, including credit card information, in order to “register” for a “free account” (so you may watch movies). This will probably result in identity theft and money being deducted from your card without your knowledge. Avoid!

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