Which iPhone Model Is the Right One for YOU?

The iPhone 12 has been the best-selling generation so far and some of the success comes from the diversity it brings. This time around, there are 4 iPhone models to choose from and each variant addresses certain needs. No version of the current generation of iPhones adds any kind of compromise meaning that you are not missing out on much by choosing a particular one. However, which one should you go for?

The Mini

Many folks have an issue with the increasing size of smartphones. It seems like each year, screens are getting bigger, bezels get narrower and pockets in your clothes remain the same. For some folks, smaller is better and for those, the iPhone 12 Mini is right up their alley. The smaller form factor does make it more difficult for users with larger hands to operate. For everyone else, the Mini is the smallest out of all iPhone models and a good choice for the ones that like something smaller

The iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro?

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have the same size. At first glance, they look as if they are identical iPhone models. However, the Pro has an extra camera on the rear and has bigger storage and RAM. For a normal user, it may not be worth the extra money for these small upgrades. The standard version of the iPhone 12 is a good enough phone that performs well, takes excellent photos and 4 GB of RAM seems suitable for an iOS device. For the majority of people, the iPhone 12 Pro can be skipped, unless you are really into photography and want something marginally superior to the standard version without having to pay for the Pro Max.

The Pro Max

Looking at the biggest from the bunch, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is close to what some would call a phablet. It is difficult to use with one hand but the larger screen makes it better as a device used to stream videos and work on productivity apps. Like the Pro, it comes with an extra camera and some extra RAM. Regardless, the camera setup and the larger display are the two aspects that make it worth considering. If you are into photography and want to use the iPhone for productivity apps, the Pro Max should be the ideal device out of all the iPhone models.

Wait… There is More

Regardless of which model you decide to go for, the iPhone 12 does not disappoint. Apple used the same hardware for all of them except for minor rear camera differences and storage options. However, if you want the purple version, there is not much choice to have. Out of all the iPhone models, Apple released the purple version just for the Mini and the standard version. The 12 Pro and Pro Max have different sets of colors to choose from and they are not available for the other two iPhone models. Keep that in mind when looking at iPhones as you may not find the color combination and iPhone version you wish for.

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