What is an SMS subscriber? A hoax, perhaps? (2023)

If you’ve had the same phone number for a while, you may have received a number of messages, mostly from unidentified callers. However, it occasionally happens when you try to call back an unknown number and get the message “Sms subscriber not available”. Sometimes you may not receive any response.

What is a text email subscriber and how it relates to scams were questions raised by some users. You can learn everything you need to know about text message subscribers in this guide. To understand better, read this article.

What is an SMS subscriber?
Users who subscribe to text-only email are known as text email subscribers. Instead of using a traditional phone or telephone number, these messages and calls are typically made using Internet phone services and sent over the Internet.

When you reply to one of these messages, the sender will be notified by email. As already stated, calls to a number associated with a text mail subscriber will only result in a voicemail response.

The operation of SMS services
SMS services work by making calls to apps that store your phone number for outgoing calls, such as Google Voice or TextNow. Because your IP address is used to initiate calls, you cannot answer. Businesses or marketing companies make use of SMS subscribers

Can an SMS subscriber be tracked?
Although it depends on the internet phone service they use, it is possible to track them. It is also difficult to search for a specific number because users of these apps are given random numbers.

But here are some techniques you can use to determine if an SMS subscriber is a scam or not:

Method 1: Use Google or other search engines to find them
A quick technique to spot a texting email user is to look up their phone number on Google and other internet search engines. If the phone number is linked to websites, forums, groups or social media platforms, you can quickly search for this information.

Also, avoid sharing private information like your current location or billing information when talking to unknown callers. Call them on a new number to avoid being tracked or doxxed.
Final thoughts
You will receive different types of text messages on your phone every day. Text messages from SMS customers whose phone numbers use Internet phone services to send news, calls and voicemails may also be sent to you. This guide should help you learn more about text email subscribers and how to find them.

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