WASHINGTON, D.C.: The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a safety advisory to airlines, pilots, and others in response to a number of high-profile near-collision occurrences. The alert emphasised the “need for continuing vigilance and attention to mitigation of safety hazards.”

The FAA stated that although the aggregate statistics do not show an increase in incidents and occurrences, the potential severity of these events is worrisome.

Six major runway incursions have been reported since January, prompting the FAA to plan a safety symposium.

The FAA advisory emphasised that “operations should examine data gathered via their safety management procedures, identify dangers, increase and improve safety communications with personnel, and implement mitigations.”

The National Transportation Safety Board is looking at a number of significant close misses (NTSB). Notable incidents include a nearly fatal January run-in between two Southwest Airlines and FedEx aircraft in Austin, Texas, and an American Airlines aircraft incident at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg stated last week that the US could not wait for the following “catastrophic catastrophe” before taking action to reduce the rise in aircraft near-misses.

NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy emphasised that the board had previously made seven recommendations about runway crashes that had not been implemented.

She stated that throughout the conference, “Far too many near calls have occurred. These most recent events should act as a wake-up call.”

Also, in a “call to action” message published last month, interim FAA Administrator William Nolen announced the creation of a safety review committee.

Since February 2009, there have not been any significant fatal American passenger aeroplane crashes.

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