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The following is your weekly horoscope.


Rob Brezsny of is the author.

(March 21–April 19) ARIES:

J. P. Morgan, an Aries businessman and investment banker, would be the best individual to represent the metaphorical power of astrology (1837–1913). His astrological chart had a strong prediction that he will be among the wealthiest individuals of his day. In his financial house in astrology, the sun, Mercury, Pluto, and Venus were all in the sign of Aries. Jupiter and Mars were in Leo in the house of labour, and these four celestial bodies were in a trine to them. Moreover, Saturn in Scorpio and the moon in Virgo produced a masterful “Finger of God” aspect with the sun, Mercury, Pluto, and Venus. The financial prognostications for you, Aries, are still rather good, though not quite as good as they were for J. P. Morgan in the past. Venus, In the following days, the moon itself will briefly join Uranus and the moon’s north node in your house of money. My suggestion is to follow your financial instincts. Look for motivation regarding your finances.


Former US President Harry Truman once quipped that “the only thing new in the world is the history you don’t know.” Fortunately for all of us, researchers are becoming more adept at locating hidden tales. Three instances 1. Six African Americans who fled slavery and became millionaires before the US Civil War. (Check out Shomari Wills’ book Black Fortunes.) 2. During World War Two, some 10,000 women worked covertly as codebreakers, helping to end the conflict and save many lives. 3. Four African women mathematicians made significant contributions to NASA’s early spaceflight missions. Hi Taurus! I want you to have pleasure in this sort of effort throughout the next few weeks. This is a great moment to research the history you

don’t understand—about your family, your loved ones, and the significant people in your life.

GEMINI (21 May–20 June):

I’ll give you two tips on how to maximise your benefits because you’re in the midst of the Party Hearty Season. Secondly, former NBA player Dennis Rodman asserts that good partying requires mental preparation. He advises us to picture the enjoyable experiences we desire to have. We should reflect on how much alcohol and drug use, how much freedom we’ll give ourselves, and how close to vomiting from drunkenness we can get without really doing so. But hold on! The Sufi poet Rumi provided the following alternative to partying: “The golden hour reveals mysteries. Be on the lookout for fun. Be ravenous for joy.

CANCER (June 21–July 22):

Stop holding yourself back and raising your standards if you have been doing so. My study indicates that you have a responsibility to show off your greatest talent and splendour. I challenge you to make one of the following your motto: put your ass and assets on the line, raise the bar, up your game, raise your standards, pump up the volume, jump to a higher octave, climb to the next rung on the ladder, or make the quantum leap.

(July 23–August 22) LEO

According to a luxury car advertisement I watched, you should experience the following adventures during your lifetime: You can also go paragliding over Japan’s Asagiri highland plateau with Mount Fuji in the distance, ride the rapids on the Snake River in Idaho, stand on the Great Wall of China, attend an opera at La Scala in Milan, watch the sun rise over the ruins of Machu Picchu, and see the pink flamingos, black bulls, and white horses in France’s Camargue Nature Reserve. You should look for those kinds of encounters in the upcoming weeks, Leo. Do the next best things if that isn’t achievable. in what way? Get closer to home and have your mind and heart blown by a sacred place, a marvel of nature, a magnificent piece of art, or all of the above.

CARRORN (December 22–January 19):

Let’s assume that there are two ways to increase your level of relaxation: either properly or unhealthily—by searching out experiences that enhance your long-term wellbeing or by engaging in short-term solutions that deplete your energy. I want you to think about this query. Next I’ll advise you to spend the following three weeks avoiding and letting go of any relaxation techniques that make you feel less than, as you concentrate on and appreciate the relaxation techniques that make you feel uplifted, inspired, and motivated.

(Jan. 20–Feb. 18) AQUARIUS:

Do not rely on others to predict what you require. Don’t think they can read your thoughts and emotions because of their telepathy. Instead, clearly state your goals while being detailed and direct. Say or write something like, “I want to explore ticklish spots with you between 7 and 9 on Friday night,” to an intense ally. Instead, speak to the individual with whom you need to reach a compromise and explain the situations in which you will be most receptive and understanding. PS: You have no right to conceal the truth or tell lies about what you value.

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20):

Jack Kerouac, a Piscean writer, worried he had little ability to record the amazing things that came his way. He expressed his annoyance by saying that it was like “discovering a river of gold when I don’t even have a cup to preserve a cupful.” I just have a thimble. Most of us have experienced that. The bad news is that. The good news is that you will be more adept at collecting in the kindness and benefits pouring in your surroundings in the upcoming weeks, Pisces. You’ll probably need three buckets’ worth of liquid gold, in my opinion.

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