Pink Network, a group of blockchain enthusiasts working on the WAX and Proton blockchains, is the company behind Atomic Assets. The Atomic Hub Marketplace serves as the platform for buying and selling NFTs, and AtomicAssets is driven by the Eosio blockchain technology. Anyone can create digital assets through the portal, tokenize them, and purchase, sell, or auction them.

The Atomic Hub Marketplace for NFTs was introduced in June 2020 after the initial introduction of Atomic Assets in February 2020. According to Atomic Hub, more than 9.2 million NFTs have been created on the WAX Blockchain as of the date this evaluation was first written (30 March 2021).

An NFT Marketplace is what?

A marketplace for NFT is known as an NFT marketplace. All is well thus far. Yet, what is an NFT?

The term “Non-Fungible Tokens” is abbreviated as NFT. A fungible object is one that can be changed. For instance, one kilogramme of 24 karat gold may theoretically be exchanged for any additional kilogramme of 24 carat gold. Anything that is non-fungible is distinct and cannot be replaced by any other object in existence.

Although NFTs and cryptocurrencies have a basic similarity, these digital assets may represent collectibles like trade cards, artwork, and antiques. For authentication and validation, these tokens are stored cryptographically on a blockchain network. Unlike cryptocurrencies, each token is offered as a whole even when transacting.

It may be broken down into smaller parts. NFTs can be copied by the artist and each extra copy can be sold independently, however they lose value when cut into smaller pieces (but the total number of duplicates will then always be known).

Emphasis on Atomic Hub’s Marketplace

All specially developed and original artworks are welcome to be listed on the Atomic Hub marketplace. The portal requests originality documentation from the artist at the time of whitelisting. Detailed explanations of the process used to generate the artwork or raw files may serve as evidence of originality.

Expenses for the Atomic Hub Marketplace
The Atomic Hub marketplace will charge you a commission when you make a deal. In the relevant trade, the commission is often calculated as a percentage of the sale price.

At the moment of sale, smart contracts automatically remove 2.00% of the total sales price as platform commission from Atomic Hub Marketplace. It may also be necessary to pay additional costs, such as royalties or blockchain fees. Nevertheless, rather than being added as an extra fee to the sales price, this will be simply subtracted from the price.

Atomic Hub Marketplace’s design

Various NFT Marketplaces display their NFTs, the most recent bid, and other information in various ways. What you feel most at ease using and watching is up.

just to you; nobody else. The image below is a print screen from Atomic Hub Marketplace highlighting a particular NFT.

Each piece of art has its own ID. The Asset name, Collection name, and Schema name are just a few of the many factors that the artist must specify. The asset’s characteristics, such as its transferability or ability to be burned, must also be included by the artist.

Based on the template ID, the site also displays the asset’s pricing history. The portal also provides the most recent transfer history and other suggested artworks that the buyer might be interested in, making the user experience more consumer-friendly.

MarketPlace Atomic Hub Payment Options

A number of the NFT Marketplaces available today accept payments and deposits made with credit or debit cards, and some even let deposits made using PayPal.

PayPal and credit cards are not accepted on Atomic Hub Marketplace. As far as we know, WAX tokens will be the only ones that are supported. The site features a feature that enables the gradual addition of additional tokens. But, the demand will determine whether or not to introduce these new tokens. Users now have the option of pricing their assets in USD. Nevertheless, they would be compensated in WAX tokens at the moment of settlement, converted at the market prices.

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