Leaders in product and security from Salesforce, Microsoft, and JumpCloud co-founded the business.

Tuesday, the Seattle-based cybersecurity firm Oleria said it had received $8 million in fundraising, breaking its cover.

Jim Alkove, formerly of Salesforce’s chief trust officer, and Jagadeesh Kunda, formerly of JumpCloud’s chief product officer, created Oleria together. While jointly employed by Salesforce and Microsoft, the two became acquainted.

Together with Oleria, the team has promoted an identity-first cybersecurity strategy that simplifies access management by automatically adjusting to an organization’s shifting demands.

My career has been spent working for some of the biggest corporations in the world. oleria’s CEO, Alkove, said in a statement: “I have been repeatedly frustrated by the efforts expended to offer just the right people the right access at the right moment, only to be disappointed time and time again. Oleria offers adaptive and autonomous security that grows with enterprises, enables freedom in pursuing business goals, and gives [chief information security officers] confidence that access is acceptable and risk is kept to a minimum.

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Tapestry VC and well-known angel investors including Kevin Turner, a former COO at Microsoft and former chief information officer at Walmart, contributed to Oleria’s seed round, which was led by Salesforce Ventures.

“Businesses are constantly responding to evolving threats, and the currently available solutions are cumbersome, expensive, and ultimately constrain teams from gaining appropriate access to sensitive and relevant business data that they need to achieve critical business outcomes,” Turner said in a statement. “Oleria is bringing a much-needed revolution to cybersecurity—one that fosters cooperation and supports the pace of business while preserving security that protects client trust in an ever-changing environment,” says a spokesperson for the company.

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