Motorized Retractable Awnings: All You Should Know

Everything becomes cooler with a motor added to it. Push a button to make it go forward and another to make it go back. It may seem an old fashioned thing to think that motorization is cool, but nothing seems more satisfactory to see something happen only when you move the finger to push a button. Like all motorized gadgets, motorized awnings are also cool to operate. You can check more on Maygrove. In a motorized retractable awning, a tube motor that fits inside the awning frame provides the driving force for the mechanism. The latest technology is capable of rolling and unrolling the largest awnings, while still being compact enough to fit neatly inside the pole. The arms of the awning also play an important role, and it’s not just the motor that works to open the awning. When operated, the motor will rotate the barrel, opening the fabric cover. The arms make use of a spring tension system or gas pistons. Many assume that the motor does all the opening and closing and the arms simply automatically follow the cover as it opens or closes. The truth is that the tension from the springs or pressure of the gas ensures they open and close softly and smoothly without any jerks in the action.

Motorized awnings come with a variety of gadgets and accessories that can be installed to make a totally self-operating awning system. Light and temperature sensors are one of the accessories. When installed in a small box on the wall, the light and temperature sensors will automatically open or retract the awnings depending on the intensity of sunlight and the temperature. It uses both the temperature and light conditions very smartly, for example, an awning will not open even when the sun is shining the most because the temperature sensors are also sensing cool temperatures; in this case, it would be best for the awning to remain closed in order for the sun to warm up the walls and the deck. Rain and wind sensors are more accessories that are really effective with awnings. When the rain sensor senses rain it will automatically open and when it senses strong winds, the awning will retract in order to prevent damage.

Motorized awnings take the effort out of going out and having to open or close the awning. Most motorized awnings now have wireless remote controls and can even be operated from inside the building without having to go out and physically open or close the awning. They take the worry factor out of the minds of people who have to constantly worry about leaving their awning open or closed while they are away. For example, someone having plants on their deck will worry about the plants getting no shade from the hot sun during the day if they forgot to open their awning when they left their place. Motorized awnings when given the freedom of operating independently, will open and retract whenever they are needed; to protect plants from the sun, furniture from the rain and they will also retract back as suited to the occasion.

Complement the Exterior With the Best Awning Style

Designed to offer shade as well as block UV rats, retractable awnings can keep the interiors cool and comfortable. Also, they can completely elevate the outdoors of your home. So, be sure to get it right when purchasing your unit. 

Know Your Options

Determine your needs. Remember, patio awnings come in different styles. Thus, you won’t miss on a style that fits into your explicit needs. The bottom line is to choose a style that fits into your home’s needs. Go for an option that can complement your home’s or office’s theme.


With a retractable awning, you have structures that you can affix to your home and easily retract them. Even more, these awnings are flexible and easy to store. They’re an excellent choice for the patio or deck.

However, it’s important to note that operating retractable awnings is quite complex and repairs can be fairly costly. But this shouldn’t stop you from purchasing them. In the long run, they’ll definitely give back the value of your money.

Stationary Awnings

These awnings are strong and long-lasting. Plus, they offer full-weather protection. They can be an incredible addition to your patios, doors, and windows. You can always remove the canopy during harsh weather to prevent needless wear. Nonetheless, more maintenance needed to keep this permanent structure in good condition. And once it’s installed, its orientation can’t be changed.

Different Styles

Retractable awnings come in different styles. From sloping, waterfalls, crescent, to domes—there are a lot of styles to choose from. However, you should choose a style that suits your explicit needs. Consider the level of protection you want from retractable awnings. Also, choose a style that compliments your home or office. Also, try to go for a creative style.

Motorized Retractable Awning Solutions

With technology, it seems that the interior and exterior décor industry is headed for the best. For instance, the invention of motorized retractable awnings make it easy to control and adjust these outdoor tools with remote control. This user-friendly operation makes motorized retractable awnings an ideal solution for commercial buildings.

Retractable Awnings: Commercial Applications

With a motorized retractable awning, you have a tool that can transform the setting of your business. So, whether you want to create extra space for entertainment or restaurant, a retractable awning can be a worthy investment. Plus, retractable awnings can enhance the beauty of your business’s exterior spaces.

Minimalistic, Contemporary Patio

This style represents a modern terrace pergola that is both elegant and functional. It can instantly add more glamour to your home’s exterior spaces.

Freestanding Patio Cover

With a freestanding patio cover, you have retractable awnings that can make a big statement. However, go for fabrics that feature beautiful fabrics. Also, the fabric color should seamlessly match the color scheme of your backyard.

A Combination of Pergola and Awning

As a unique alternative to the patio cover, this style can perfectly integrate LED lights into its frames—creating a unique retractable patio cover.

Diamond Shaped Canopy

You can install the diamond-shaped canopy motorized retractable awnings at any angle. This creates a perfect balance between outdoor spaces. Plus, installing these retractable awnings can make the outdoors inviting and classy. 

The Bottom-Line

Investing in motorized retractable awnings comes with a myriad of benefits. They are easy to operate and are time-saving. In a nutshell, these retractable awnings have so much to offer. The above information is all you need to know regarding motorized retractable awnings. 

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