In February, 5 Colorado tech companies raised a combined $175.2 million.

See which Colorado businesses received the most funding last month.

The five largest funding rounds raised by Colorado tech companies in February showcased the state’s tech diversity and featured companies large and small across various industries. Together these companies raised a combined $175.2 million, which just fell short of January’s total. Read on to learn how these companies plan on using their new funds.

Voyager Space


5, $4,2,000,000, February 6

An online program called Intelligems assists businesses in determining the ideal price at which to offer their goods in order to maximize earnings. Matchstick and Vinyl Capital jointly led a $4.2 million seed round for the business. The money will be used to expand Intelligems’ 11-person staff and advance the platform’s development.

4. $7,500,000 on February 28

In a round that was jointly led by Kairos Ventures, Lavrock Ventures, and CS Venture Opportunities Fund, PteroDynamics received $7.5 million in funding. Based in Colorado Springs, PteroDynamics creates airplanes with a vertical takeoff capability. The funds raised will aid the company in creating more substantial versions of its aircraft.

Number three: $18.9 million, February 28
Using the employee rewards website Bonusly, employees can receive gift cards for their exceptional work. The business raised $18.9 million in a Series A investment that was co-led by Ankona Capital late in February. Following the recent upswing, Bonusly intends to invest in its sales, marketing, and go-to-market initiatives.

$21.4 million, as of February 7

SALT, a blockchain firm based in Denver, was established in 2016. It provides crypto-backed loans using bitcoin that other borrowers have pledged as collateral. The company will be able to develop new goods with the $64.4 million in finance. SALT had intended to sell FTX shares of the business prior to the investment.

After securing $80.2 million in additional funding, Voyager Space raised the most money in February. The International Space Station will be replaced by a commercial space station being built by Voyager Space and Nanoracks. This effort will be further fueled by the new funds. NASA has also provided financing to Voyager Space to build the space station.

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