In 2023, will the iPhone 6s still be worthwhile?

January 20, 2023 update Undoubtedly, the iPhone 6s remains a top-notch device. Is it still a good deal today, though? Find out what you should know before purchasing an iPhone 6s by reading on.

the iPhone 6s’s initial release
It didn’t seem like a big deal when the Apple iPhone 6S was unveiled in September 2015. The iPhone 6 was precisely how it appeared, and at the time, it probably didn’t feel any faster. Additionally, the iPhone 6S was introduced in 2023 at a premium starting price of $649, which works up to $849 today.

Yet, the iPhone 6S eventually become a classic for a variety of obscure reasons (mystery,

  1. “BendGate,” the iPhone 6’s fatal flaw
    The structural integrity of the iPhone 6 was inadequate for many customers, which was a severe flaw in the device. Some people reported that the iPhone 6 bent while in their pockets, yet Apple did nothing about it. at least not right away. Despite complaints, nothing changed.

The tech juggernaut even said in a statement that it thoroughly tested the iPhone 6 and discovered no issues with it.
Yet when the iPhone 6S was released, users learned that, although having an exterior identical to the iPhone 6, Apple had utilised a different metal to reduce the likelihood of the phone bending. Many have referred to this as an admission of guilt, but you decide. It’s undeniably a more durable iPhone.

  1. This iPhone is still valuable because it can still run iOS 15 from Apple.
    The most recent Apple mobile operating system, iOS 15, was still compatible with a used iPhone 6S until iOS 16 was released in September 2022. The iOS 15 update was sent to the oldest iPhone (the iPhone 6 is stuck on the last version of iOS 12). Even though it might not seem like much, having the most recent iOS version is always good. Your iPhone will feel newer, the apps will function better, and you’ll have more features.

Did you know that the iPhone 6S has the same amazing Retina display as many new iPhones, despite the fact that this has nothing to do with the update? The company Apple All of your favourite apps will appear just as well on a 6S as they do on newer iPhones despite the device’s age because it has been employing the same excellent LCD panels for a few years.

However, this iPhone still employs Touch ID, a fingerprint scanner hidden under the home button, even though many new iPhones, including the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XS, use Face ID. Although being more recent, many contend that Face ID is less practical, particularly if you’re trying to unlock your phone while wearing a mask or if it’s sitting flat on your desk. Just another reason why we adore the iPhone 6S and believe that some people will still find it worthwhile to purchase in 2023. especially since you can get a good deal at Back Market whenever you want and don’t have to wait for Black Friday!

  1. The iPhone 6S is a great buy for $100.
    It’s likely the cheapest iPhone with iOS 14 on it. Currently, you can get an iPhone 6S on Back Market for as little as $63 with free standard delivery, a one-year guarantee, and 30 days to change your mind. Compared to its launch price just eight years ago, it represents a savings of over 90%, and purchasing refurbished ensures that the product will operate just as well. Even though the old iPhone 6S isn’t the most recent model, it can perform all tasks just as effectively as the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 12 (with the possible exception of night photography and mobile gaming) and costs much less. But I’m being entirely serious. Open a lot of tabs in Safari. Watch your preferred videos on YouTube. Social media binge. The iPhone 6S can handle the job. You can be certain that the iPhone 6S is priceless for the present asking price.

Why purchasing an iPhone 6S from Back Market is worthwhile
Despite the fact that there are excellent prices for the used and refurbished iPhone 6S all over the Internet, we provide you a 12-month warranty and carry out stringent quality checks with all of the sellers on our site. Our outstanding customer service will not stop until you are completely satisfied with your purchase, which is why we offer you 30 days to change your mind no matter what or when you buy. We want to provide you with a phone that will bring you as much joy as your mother’s cooking or an iPhone Black Friday deal;)

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