How To Make Your Website Generate More Leads and Sales From The Same Web traffic

Starting with this

Not everyone who sees your website is eager to give you or one of your representatives a call. Some people absolutely detest using their phones.

I am one of them, therefore I am aware of it.

I will gladly opt to do it every time if I can avoid having to do the “call part.” My phone talks with family or friends typically last no more than 30 seconds. And that’s assuming they weren’t able to contact me online to organise things.

I tend to be a man of few words when I’m free.


Email usage is no different. I’m not referring to anything media-related.

There are folks who simply detest sending and receiving lengthy emails; I’m not one of them.

And what do the majority of business or freelance websites do?

They provide phone conversations and email messages as the main and frequently the only ways to get in touch with a representative.

That’s a serious error!

Since there are so many options for communication today, everyone has a different choice.

Therefore, it’s simple to start generating more leads and consumers from your website:

The common ones are:

Phone Email

Message Form

However, what about:

Message Form
You must maintain a blog area and post new stuff frequently. “Regularly” is defined as once a day to once a month. You have an additional opportunity to create an email lead with each new article.

Form for Email Newsletters

You have to send out an email newsletter at least once every month. But it’s one of the best methods for staying in touch with previous, present, and potential customers.

Notification through Push

A little bit impersonal touch method. You must often update your website, thus you have good reason to use push notifications. You can provide helpful blog articles or provide things like the “hot offer of the day.”

Social Media Group Membership
Similar to newsletters in function, social media groups require more labour because they must be regulated. The potential to draw tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of users is one of the advantages.

There are entire companies that depend only on LinkedIn or Facebook groups.

Different Lead Magnet Forms
You can provide various instructions, cheat sheets, spreadsheets, calculators, quizzes, mini apps, online courses, films, etc. in exchange for emails.

You get a further opportunity to connect with each one produced…

Social media profiles’ links
Our daily lives now frequently involve social media. At least one of the common ones is used by everyone. Therefore, it’s a good idea to identify the locations where your target audience congregates and keep up a constant presence there.

Calendar & Reservation Form
You are free to start planning “discovery calls,” virtual conferences, webinars, consultations, and anything else you like. The nicest aspect is that you can always know you are fully booked because you schedule in advance.

Quick Chat
For the younger generation, this is really crucial. They desire everything, and they desire it immediately. When people have questions, they frequently choose the one who responds to them fast.

Assistance Forum
A support forum can become a knowledge base full of helpful tips on actual problems relating to your services, which can be a huge advantage for your corporation or freelance business. As a result, new users to your website have the choice to ask for assistance as well as search and read previously answered queries.

Sign-Up Sheets
Your website can include a variety of limited regions. For instance, you may allow users to create a free account and then only publicly display the queries they have posted in your help forums.

Physical Location
If a customer can visit your office, that builds a lot of trust. Of course, in our multinational economic environment and global society,

Rarely is this a choice. Taking photos and films of our office space serves as a fantastic substitute for a visit.

By doing so, we demonstrate that we’re “real”…

Showrooms Having a showroom where clients can visit and see the products we sell is a smart idea, even if we just sell online. A single live presentation of a product is 1,000 times more persuasive than any written or visual content.

All of this provides your website visitors with numerous possibilities to interact with it as well as a way for you to gain their contact information and continue talking with them.

Not every visitor to your website is in the mood to immediately become a client or customer, as we covered in the previous piece in this series. However, a lot of people look for knowledge and guidance to help them resolve their problem.

Therefore, they will gladly contact you using a variety of other means.

Be Joyful,


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