How to Calculate Your SSI Score on LinkedIn

It’s crucial to have your LinkedIn profile properly optimised and actively showing use by making connections, sharing content, and possibly even establishing your voice in your industry where like-minded professionals are paying attention if you have a job, own a business, or are about to enter the workforce. The LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) Score is another useful resource that not many people are aware of.

Although LinkedIn may not be considered a prominent player in the social networking or marketing industry, it is an essential tool if you are trying to connect with or target business executives of any type. Breaking news Most people now use it for more than simply job seeking.

use it as a tool for social selling. With social selling, you may avoid the typical sales pitches altogether by starting natural discussions about your goods or services that frequently turn into sales dialogues.

What is a “Score” on the LinkedIn Social Selling Index?

Your LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) gauges how well you develop relationships, identify the proper contacts, engage with insights, and promote your professional brand. Click here to tweet Every day, your score is updated, providing you the chance to raise it.

How much is your SSI? Look it up right now.

This is a picture of my score. in effect as of February 13, 2018

It’s not the best right now, but it’s also not the worst either. My score completely outperformed the typical sales and marketing professional in the online media sector, which surprised me. Their common score was 32. pathetic, yes? I now rank in the top 3% of workers in my field. As the score is updated every day, it’s not difficult to improve your rapport in this online community. You may begin doing so right away. As you can see, a lot of individuals are passing up this chance and, as a result, leaving money, connections, and personal influence on the table by focusing elsewhere than where their target audience really congregates online. Here’s how to seize this chance and leave your imprint.

Creating Your Personal Brand

Your profile should be optimised with the end-user, client, or customer in mind. Here, you may submit articles that are pertinent to your field and the kinds of experts you want to draw. With the “publish an article” tool, you can either create an original blog-style post from scratch or curate material from reliable sources. The objective is to begin to position oneself as a thought leader in either case.

The Correct People Can Be Found

Know who you’re looking for and the relevant terms. You may identify your target client on LinkedIn and establish stronger connections by using its powerful search features.

Using Insights

It all comes down to relationships. Finding like-minded individuals in your sector and the industry of your potential client may be done quite effectively by engaging with insights. Joining clubs that are pertinent and active (this is important) can enable you share your knowledge without being salesy.

Creating Connections

Developing relationships with the top executives of the companies you want to work with is important, but you shouldn’t overlook the other employees as well. According to LinkedIn, 73% of B2B buyers prefer sales professionals who have been recommended by people they know, and that number rises to 87% when the introduction was made through a member of their professional network.

Want to make your LinkedIn profile stand out? Comment below with your score!

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