How do I build an Angular project war file?


I’m working on a project where I’m using spring boot for the backend and angular for the frontend. My project has to be deployed using the Sentora control panel. To deploy on the server, only war files are needed. I know how to create a war file for a spring project, but not one for an angular project. Vs code was used for angular. I searched the internet for a solution to figure out how to create a war file for Angular but came up empty-handed. Must I load the Angular project into Eclipse? Please provide a step-by-step explanation of how to construct an angular project’s war file.

An error occurred while deploying the wabit.war file

Despite being deployed, wabit.war doesn’t launch. Gives a mistake

Application at context path [wabit] failed to launch

Why is this taking place?

Another option is to simply incorporate your angular project in the spring boot war rather than creating a separate war file for it.

Doing that

Just use the ng build command to construct your angular dist.
Everything in that folder should be copied.
Paste them inside a static package in the resources directory of your Spring Boot project. Src/main/resources/static should be the route.
Your angular application will function once you create and deploy the Spring boot war file.
This is how your spring boot directory should appear.

Please let me know whether the following assumptions are correct: You produce a war file that is in a deployable condition for a spring boot project that already has a pom. Now since Angular is required, you must also execute it on the server, however the server only supports war files. My recommendation is to copy the contents of the angular dist folder into your spring boot resources/static folder before producing the war file, as shown in the above image. Create your war file and deploy it to the server after it has been copied. Now, you may also access the angular

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