How A Positive Mindset May Help Mesothelioma Sufferers

Mesothelioma afflicts relatively few people, but the deadliness of the disease is what gives it its notoriety. The fact is most people who have heard of mesothelioma would consider mesothelioma to be a death sentence.

To an extent, they’re right. The majority of people are diagnosed with mesothelioma late, and so they only have months left to live by the time they find out.

However, there is hope. There are so many people who have outlived their prognoses by committing themselves to their treatment and attacking the disease with the power of a positive mindset.

Why Your Mindset is Crucial to Surviving Mesothelioma

Most people wonder whether a healthy mind can help with mesothelioma, and anecdotal evidence seems to show that this is the case.

You must understand that cancer is so powerful because it grinds the person down, in both body and spirit.

There’s a growing body of evidence that depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems reduce the body’s ability to fight off the disease. How you feel really can impact your immune system.

With a disease like mesothelioma, it should come as no surprise to find out that someone who is depressed is far less likely to beat the disease.

The Power of Positivity Keeps Your Hormones in Check

Like with stress, a negative mindset can alter the hormone balance of an individual. That mental health issue can extend to physical health.

For example, studies have proven that things like yoga can better help a person cope with pain. Yoga is also known to drastically improve mental health.

How Paul Kraus Used the Right Mindset to Beat Mesothelioma

Little official research has been done regarding how a mindset can beat mesothelioma, but there are plenty of case studies we can look at.

The most famous case study is that of Paul Kraus. He has lived with mesothelioma for more than twenty years, and he continues to enjoy a comfortable standard of living. 

Paul is an inspiration to other mesothelioma patients around the globe.

But how does a positive mindset come into this?

Paul has spoken at length on numerous occasions about his mindset and how he uses it to increase his chances of survival. This includes regularly partaking in meditation and yoga. Plus, through the power of prayer, he has been able to banish negative thoughts and reduce his anxieties.

You can find out more about Paul’s story at

Last Word – Mesothelioma Treatment is Changing

Due to how powerful a positive state of mind can be, healthcare providers are looking at how they can offer the right support to patients.

Not only does this include ensuring they spend time with their families but also providing them access to therapists, fitness classes, and even spiritual/religious guidance.

As we continue to better understand the role that a positive mindset and diet as well as excercise can play, mesothelioma treatment will become more effective outside of the medicinal ream.

Do you know someone currently suffering from mesothelioma?

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