The pending implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) was the cause of much concern to residents and business sectors on Anguilla, resulting in open conflict and a wide negotiating impasse between the business sectors and the Government of Anguilla.
Concerns were so insurmountable, they led to the disruption of the APM-led Administration – just under two years after it was overwhelmingly voted into office – as well as to the business community – which closed its doors for up to four days in protest against implementation of the GST.

Ms Kentish-Rogers, Minister of Social Development and Education, joined her colleague, former Minister of Economic Development, Mr Kyle Hodge, on the Opposition side of the House to debate the recommended amendments to the GST. During this debate, Minister Kentish-Rogers announced her resignation as a minister of government and as a member of the APM.
Several businesses on Anguilla rejected the government’s transitional plan to address the logistics of their current stock inventories. The government’s management plan required businesses to provide details on annual turnover and list inventory (exclusive of zero-rated and tax-exempt items) as of June 30, 2022, to receive the Interim Goods Tax (IGT) Credit. Businessowners determined that government’s transitional plan did not take the local realities into consideration, and disagreed with the timeframe given since many businesses are short-staffed and unable to complete the required stock checks and other audits.
So, on Friday, July 1, a large group of protestors took to the streets of Anguilla in an orderly and peaceful protest against the Government’s plans to implement the goods and service tax (GST) which they said would make things much harder on Anguilla. The protesters made their way in a peaceful and orderly procession from the entrance to the James Ronald Webster’s Park down the newly refurbished Carter Rey Boulevard to the NBA complex which houses the Premier’s office.

Several protesters walked along the protest route chanting slogans and carrying signs that read:
“No GST”; “GST is the Problem”; “We Don’t Like It”; “Taxed to Death”; “Enough is Enough”; “Say Something”; “Help Save Anguilla”; “Stop Killing the People”; “We’re Not Going Back”; “Wrong Tax, Wrong Time”; “Taxed to Death”; “Grief Stress Tension”; “We Can’t Take This”; “Taxes Are Not The Problem”; “Repeal GST”.
On behalf of the Concerned Citizens Group, businessman, Marlon Lake, delivered a scathing letter to Premier, Dr Ellis Webster, stating that the government’s transitional plan – which requires businesses to provide details on annual turnover and list inventory (exclusive of zero-rated and tax-exempt items) as of June 30, 2022 – to receive the Interim Goods Tax (IGT) Credit, does not take the local realities into consideration.

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