Greece is prepared to “stretch a hand of friendship” to Turkey, according to Mitsotakis

The Turkish president is charged by the Greek prime minister with inciting anti-Greek sentiment in his nation.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis claims that Greece is prepared to “stretch a hand of friendship” to Turkey while simultaneously charging the Turkish president with inciting anti-Greek feeling at home.

The two NATO partners, who are opposed on a number of topics and have already been on the verge of war three times, have seen their tensions rise.
After meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin on Thursday, Mitsotakis stated, “My prayer is that, even with delay, our neighbours would pick the route of de-escalation, of legality, and of peaceful cohabitation without verbal outbursts but with constructive measures.”

They can rely on me to always be willing to provide a kind hand. We can’t afford any more pointless causes of conflict, Mitsotakis remarked, adding that disagreements must be settled amicably.

It is what all of Europe wants, as is what our people, the Greek people, the Turkish people, and all of Europe desire.

Military action:

Sea borders in the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean that impact energy exploration rights are a source of contention between Greece and Turkey.

Turkey has also criticised Greece for continuing to have a military presence on islands in the east of the country, which it claims is against international law.

Greece claims that Turkey, which has a sizable military presence on the Turkish coast opposite the islands and has responded horrified to Turkish officials’ remarks suggesting that the sovereignty of some populated Greek islands may be questioned, poses a direct danger to it.

After their discussion, Scholz and Mitsotakis had a brief joint news conference where they both agreed that it shouldn’t be the case that NATO allies question one another’s sovereignty. “Dialogue and the use of international law must be used to resolve all disputes. And on that, we are totally in accord.

The fact that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan “can’t understand that he is going into a dead end when he poisons his people with falsehoods against Greece” is “really a disgrace,” Mitsotakis remarked. due to our The Greek Islands do not pose a threat to anyone, as our neighbours and allies are aware.

The German chancellor declared that taking use of the Mediterranean’s economic potential was “in the interest of all neighbours” and would benefit each country’s respective populations. My talk with Greece gave me the feeling that they are eager to achieve this. And we may and ought to have faith in it.

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