Google Pixelbook 12in reviews

Have you heard about Google’s latest product release, the Google Pixelbook 12in? This Google Pixelbook 12in study guide is designed to cover all the bases.

ou’ll learn about the product’s features and performance, pros and cons, pricing, and pretty much anything else relevant to you in choosing the best buying alternative.

So let’s get started!

Believe it or not, small Chromebooks are making a resurgence with their distinctive looks.

Pixelbook differs from other types of laptops and PCs in that they place more emphasis on speed and efficiency. They use another operating system known as OS which includes cloud storage, the most modern features offered by Google and many layers of security against potential attacks.

Features of the Google Pixelbook 12in:

Here are some great features of Google Pixelbook 12in:

  • design

It’s not very tempting to consider buying a portable computer with a 3:2 aspect ratio. Despite this, the general appearance of the Google Pixelbook 12in makes it one of the most attractive laptops currently available on the market.

The metal unibody form of the Pixelbook design is very thin and the overall aesthetic is modern and functional. Silicone wrist rests and accents are two additional features that deserve special attention due to their exceptional quality.

One of the things that sets the Pixelbook apart from other laptops is the degree to which it meets the needs of a portable computer. It doesn’t look or feel like a typical laptop, but is an excellent imitation of a real notebook computer. Neither its look nor its feel resembles a conventional laptop.

It’s especially effective for mimicking the aesthetic of those aged, tanned, lockstitch-covered notebooks you’ll want in your collection!

The pleasantly slim laptop has a thickness of 10.3 millimeters and is made of aluminum and white plastic. The material composition of the housing must also be taken into account.

The standard display resolution is 24001600 pixels, and the screen has a diagonal of 12 inches. It has a higher pixel density than Apple’s Retina display, making it clearer than other products on the market.

  • durability

One would imagine that someone buying a $1,000 laptop would treat it like it was their child, never let them out of their sight, and make sure it never got out of hand.

Still, glitches can happen and you can lose your laptop from your desktop. Consequently, longevity is one of the most important factors to consider before investing in technology.

  • Performance

Previous iterations led us to believe that a Chromebook couldn’t have powerful specs that guaranteed reliable performance.

But now that the Google Pixelbook 12 has been released, we have a powerful Chromebook at our disposal.

The significant influence of the seventh Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU is why the Pixelbook penetrates like a knife into dessert.

Customers should be aware that these are ultra-low-power variants that more accurately represent older Core m processors than the latest CPUs used in high-end laptops.

For optimal immersion and efficiency, users can combine it with up to 512GB of NVMe storage and up to 16GB of RAM .

The Pixelbook’s Core i5 CPU is effective, running at 1.2GHz with a boost up to 3.3GHz. The Core i7, on the other hand, has a base speed of 1.3 GHz and a maximum boost speed of 3.6 GHz.

The Pixelbook can accommodate 8GB or 16GB of RAM and up to 512GB of storage when it comes to storage.

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We thought Chromebooks could only offer a 1080p display until the Google Pixelbook 12 came out.

However, the 24001600-pixel quality of the Pixelbook’s dazzling and vibrant display suggests that buyers should never accept anything less than the best.

The Pixelbook’s display covers 117 percent of the sRGB color space, flooding the screen with vivid tones and making 4K YouTube videos look almost lifelike.

  • heat

I assure you that you don’t want to get a laptop that heats up quickly. Thankfully, the Google Pixelbook retains its cool even after hours of heavy use. But oddly, only one area of ​​the laptop heats up.

After 15 minutes of streaming, the Pixelbook should have found suitable temperatures in many places. The hotter area at the edge of the laptop where the hinges are, measured up to 101 degrees Fahrenheit, above the 95 degree comfort zone.

  • The battery life

Chromebook battery life should be exceptional. The Google Pixelbook 12in scores in this regard. It shouldn’t come as a surprise since the Pixelbook isn’t your regular Chromebook laptop.

Additionally, according to Laptop Mag Full Battery, the Chromebook only lasted 7 hours and 43 minutes, which is shorter than the average 8 hours and 34 minutes for a group.

The fast battery charging option, which guarantees 2 hours of battery life after just 15 minutes of charging, helped Google make up for this omission.


  • Both the display and the keyboard are of the highest quality.
  • A pixel density of 267 PPI, which is quite high.
  • High resolution cameras


  • high price

Frequently asked questions about Google Pixelbook12in:

Last words:

The Pixelbook’s aesthetics, specs, display, design, and other features are superior to its competing Chromebooks. However, it also manages to outperform a number of significant competitors with Windows and iOS support.

The only factors that can deter a customer from buying the Google Pixelbook 12in are the high cost and poor battery life.

The Pixelbook is the most capable Chrome OS-powered device out there when money is no object.

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