As a tech enthusiast, I always look forward to new gadgets hitting the market. When Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, I was excited to get my hands on it and put it through its paces. After spending some time with it, I’m ready to share my thoughts on this tablet’s hardware. In this review, I’ll cover everything from the design and build quality to the camera and audio quality. I’ll also give my final verdict on whether this tablet is worth the investment.

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Hardware Review

Design and Build Quality

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is a sleek and modern-looking tablet that feels great in the hand. It has a metal body that gives it a premium feel, and the bezels are slim, which makes the screen look more expansive. The tablet is also incredibly thin, which makes it easy to carry around with you.

One thing that I appreciate about the design of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is that Samsung has included a microSD card slot, which means that you can expand the storage if you need to. This is something that is becoming increasingly rare in modern devices, so it’s great to see Samsung still including it.

Display and Screen Resolution

The display on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is fantastic. It’s a 14.4-inch AMOLED screen that has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. The colors are vibrant, and the contrast is excellent. I watched some movies on this tablet, and I was blown away by how good everything looked.

The screen is also incredibly responsive, which makes it great for drawing or taking notes. The S Pen is included with the tablet, and it’s a pleasure to use on this screen. The only downside is that the tablet is quite large, which can make it a bit unwieldy when using it as a tablet.

Camera and Audio Quality

The camera on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is decent, but it’s not going to replace your smartphone anytime soon. It has a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera. The images that it produces are good enough for social media, but they’re not going to blow you away.

The audio quality on the tablet is excellent, though. The speakers are loud and clear, and the Dolby Atmos support makes everything sound great. I watched some movies on this tablet, and I was impressed by how good everything sounded.

Performance and Battery Life

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is a powerful tablet. It’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor, and it has 8GB of RAM. I tested it with some demanding apps, and it handled everything with ease. I also played some games on it, and they ran smoothly without any lag.

The battery life on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is also impressive. It has a 10,090mAh battery, which should last you all day with moderate use. I was able to get around 11 hours of screen-on time, which is fantastic.

But Android Holds it Back

While the hardware on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is excellent, the software is a different story. The tablet runs on Android 11, which is a great operating system, but Samsung’s One UI skin is a bit too heavy for my liking. There is a lot of bloatware on the tablet, and some of it can’t be uninstalled.

The other issue that I have with the software is that Samsung’s update policy is not great. The tablet will only receive two major updates, which means that it will likely be stuck on Android 13 in a few years. This is something to keep in mind if you’re considering buying this tablet.

Comparison with Other Tablets

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is a great tablet, but how does it compare to other tablets on the market? The closest competitor is the iPad Pro, which has a similar price point and similar specs. The iPad Pro has a slightly better processor and a better app ecosystem, but the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has a better screen and better audio quality. It ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Conclusion and Final Verdict

Overall, I think that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is a fantastic tablet. The hardware is excellent, and the screen and audio quality are both top-notch. The only downside is the software, which is a bit too heavy and comes with a lot of bloatware. If you can look past that, then this tablet is definitely worth considering.

If you’re in the market for a new tablet and you’re willing to spend the money, then I highly recommend giving the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra a try. It’s one of the best Android tablets on the market right now, and it’s definitely a hardware review you can’t afford to miss.


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