Freelancer Networking 101: How to Build Your
Tribe Online

Content creators need to stick together, which is why we’ve assembled this
networking 101 lesson for freelancers. Join the community of freelancers

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Being a full-time freelancer can be stressful and at times, frustrating. You’re always wondering where
your next job’s going to come from. 
Full-time freelancers need to make sure their paychecks cover their bills, all without the security of a
guaranteed salary! 
Within the United States alone, 35% of Americans did freelance work in 2018. That’s a whole load of
competition and work to be bidding for.

But content creators need to stick together, which is why we’ve assembled this networking 101 lesson
for freelancers. Keep reading for some great freelance networking advice you absolutely need to

The Basis Of Good Networking 

The basis of networking 101 is simple. The number one rule is buying into the concept of reciprocity. 
Before you dive headfirst into the world of networking, you need to change your mindset. Be willing to
give good leads to others without expecting anything in return. The principle of networking says this
will come back to you. 
So change your mindset and you’re already halfway to successful networking. 

So, Where Do You Start?

First things first: you need to have an online portfolio or showcase you can share with your potential
network and customers. When you introduce yourself, people are going to want to see what it is that
you can do. 
Next, spend some time on social media. Join LinkedIn and set up a detailed profile, search for
freelancing groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, and send out those join requests! 
Remember to read carefully through any group or community rules. Don’t be that guy who’s unkind
and does whatever he pleases. 
If the group rules say no advertising, then don’t do it. 
Focus on building yourself a positive profile and reputation. 
Remember though, there are so many facets to think about as a full-time freelancer, from hours on a
project, to how to bill your clients, being a 1099 employee, and managing your time. So allocate the
right amount of time per week to your networking venture. 

Freelancer Networking 101: Attend Those Events

The most traditional method of networking is the actual events that happen in and around your area.
Local events are often the ones that provide you with the opportunity for fast, rapid growth in your
freelancing career. 
Depending on the goals you want to achieve, you’ll want to look into the purpose of an event before
you consider attending. 
Some are simply to meet likeminded people, while others open up the floor for people to introduce
themselves and showcase their services. 
Remember that age-old saying? It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. Networking is
a perfect example of this. 
Joe, the plumber you met at that local networking event? Well, his uncle’s starting a video production
And while he has a logo already, he’s looking for someone to take his brand to the next level for its
launch. So Joe gives Uncle Bob your contact details and the rest is history. 
That’s what networking can do for you. 

Right, Let’s Network! 

You’ve got the lowdown on networking 101. You’re ready to sign up for some events, join a few online
communities, and start your networking. Remember to be courteous and kind.
Networking is about reciprocation. If you know someone who’s looking for the type of job you’ve just
found, pass the lead on. Only then will people start to do it for you in return. 
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