Expanded Lafayette Facility Launched by Veolia Nuclear Solutions

VNS creates robotic cleaning solutions for nuclear facilities.

To enhance its robotics systems used in nuclear facilities, Veolia Nuclear Solutions, commonly known as VNS, is combining its two Colorado locations into a new “state-of-the-art” complex.

In spite of the fact that nuclear power plants have long produced environmentally friendly energy, as infrastructure ages, facilities must be maintained and eventually decontaminated and deactivated. Specialized equipment is needed for this procedure, some of which VNS has offered since its establishment in 1992.

For nuclear sites, VNS offers deactivation and waste management services. Additionally, it creates robotics systems that can survive radiation and work in power plants that could expose people to dangers and other security hazards.

The new facility in Lafayette, which the business invested over $1 million on, will increase its capacity to design and develop innovative technologies. In order to expand its robotics skills, VNS will be able to attract more staff thanks to the renovated building.

The cutting-edge Lafayette plant will serve as a centre of innovation for all aspects of Veolia Nuclear Solutions, according to a statement from Chris Woodhead, chief operating officer of VNS North America. “Colorado has a long history of inspiring innovative technical solutions that enhance quality of life. VNS is pleased to have made this investment here, and we eagerly await the results.

VNS has locations not only in Colorado but also in Washington, France, the UK, and Japan.

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