Accurate, fast and secure email validation Services

You invest time, energy, and money into your email campaigns. We help you find valid emails in real-time, reach the inbox reliably, and connect with your customers. Drive your open rates and ROI with 99% accurate email validation, AI-driven scoring, Email Finder, and email deliverability tools.

Email issues we help fix

ZeroBounce’s email verification service helps you clean up your email list by removing:

  • checkmarkEmail typos
  • checkmarkNonexistent email accounts
  • checkmarkEmail accounts likely to mark your messages as “spam”
  • checkmarkSpam traps
  • checkmarkOther risky email addresses

Why you need to verify your emails

Your sender reputation is at stake.

When you email incorrect, fake or spammy email addresses it drives up your marketing costs and drives down your ROI.

Over time, it can also impact your sender reputation, which is like a credit score for your email address. The more “bad” addresses you email, the worse your emails perform and the lower your score.

This means your email list not only impacts the effectiveness of your email campaigns today, but your future deliverability, too.

Find valid contacts with Email Finder

Don’t risk a bounce by guessing an email address.

In three steps, Email Finder can help you locate new email contacts in real time for your list:

  1. Enter a person’s name
  2. Enter a domain
  3. Get a validated address

Know who you’re sending to and what type of email address is on your email list. We’ll search for correct patterns and let you know whether an email is valid or a high-risk address that can negatively affect your email deliverability.

Email Finder does not process stored data, but uses proprietary technologies to help you find new email leads in real time.

Validate email lists

Prevent email bounces and spam complaints before they occur. Use ZeroBounce’s bulk email verifier to remove low-quality contacts from your list, including invalid, spammy and abuse email addresses.

This can help reduce your bounce rate, increase your open rate and prevent you from landing in spam.

After you’ve cleaned your list, keep it that way. Connect ZeroBounce’s email validation API to your signup and registration forms. That way, each time someone enters a new email, it gets checked in real time. Only real, valid contacts will end up on your list.

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