A Review of Tai Lopez’s Courses That Is Brutally Honest (67 Steps, Social Media Agency, Etc.)

Neither Tai Lopez nor his group have funded or influenced this evaluation. That will remain that way, I hope.

Many have noticed that a man named Tai Lopez frequently advertises on social media and sells courses that practically guarantee that you will become wealthy and successful. They are uncertain if he is a con. I paid for his programmer, therefore I felt compelled to express my brutally honest opinion of him.

Tai Lopez: who is he? What does he do, and how did he get so wealthy?
Let’s quickly review who Tai Lopez is. Tai entered the online world in 2015 and rapidly became one of the most well-known experts in personal development there.

How am I aware? I’ve followed him throughout his entire trip. I have a huge amount of Tai’s content (both paid and free). He has admitted to these things time and time again. He has, however, a reputation for keeping his financial situation a secret, both in terms of how much money he has and how it was earned.

He had six mentors who supported him as he grew up. One of them was Joel Salatin, a prosperous and successful farmer best known for his work on the films Food Inc. and People, This Ain’t Normal. Tai decided to spend a few years working for Joel as an apprentice farmhand.

Also, he lived among the Amish for a few years. The Amish are a group of traditional Christians who live simply and shun modern technologies. This period of his life was crucial for him because it taught him the value of contentment and simplicity. Despite leading such basic lives, he frequently asserts that the suicide rate among the Amish is substantially lower.

He found himself homeless and sleeping on a coach as a young adult. He looked through the Yellow Pages, a big book directory that lists every person’s phone number in the locality, and noticed a sizable insurance advertisement. He reasoned that a wealthy person must be able to run such a massive advertisement, so he went in person to the company’s founder and requested to work for nothing. I’ve been looking for a man like you for 40 years, the man said.

Tai was one of the first to use Google AdWords, and he went on to generate record-breaking sales results for the company. The cost to advertise online to thousands of individuals was incredibly low back then.

Afterwards, he established and managed a salsa nightclub. He invested in online dating sites when he lost interest in the nightclub industry. He is currently the CEO of an online education business where he offers training programmes on how to obtain “health, money, love, and happiness” for individuals. His website, TaiLopez.com, offers merchandise for sale, and his philosophy is “Everyone desires the good life.” But, not everyone enjoys a nice life.

In the middle of 2015, Tai Lopez’s online training business really got rolling. He began purchasing YouTube video advertisements, went from being unknown to becoming an Internet meme. He ran several ads via split testing, and this one was a big hit:

How I Came Upon Tai Lopez

A millionaire named Michael Sartain, with whom I spoke in an interview for my Youtube channel, mentioned him. Like I do with every book or influential person that is recommended to me, I checked him up. He has a website and his own YouTube channel where he teaches four basic concepts: success in health, wealth, happiness, and love. Anyway, I watched his videos and ultimately purchased his goods. He has become well-known in recent years as a result of his massive investment in Youtube advertisements to market his goods. He has far exceeded the point of “ad fatigue,” and everywhere I go online, people are criticising him in the comments making fun of him or him. His products are being referred to as “get rich quick frauds.” He has run the same advertisement over ten times for several people.

Advertising Opportunity providing.

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