If you are heading to Key West, then you have decided to spend a little time in one of the most enjoyable places on this planet. The beach is a good place to relax and enjoy yourself for a while but there is much more in this region to explore. The beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico provide a truly amazing opportunity to fully enjoy yourself in a pristine natural environment. It is a paradise which offers you ample opportunity to be given the chance to have some fun while exploring the protected marine environment. There are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself on the water at Key West and a few of them are listed below.


If you are interested in the quieter and slower form of traveling on the water, then sailing is the sport you should consider. You can truly enjoy the sense of being close to some very beautiful natural resources that we are lucky to have the chance to enjoy. Another advantage of sailing is that you do not have to paddle. You can sit back and enjoy the sun and the breeze in your hair. If you go on a private sailing excursion you will be taken through the marine national park where you have the chance to see dolphins, manta rays, and even loggerhead turtles. You will be able to swim and snorkel and the cruise will cater to what you want to see and do. There are several different cruises available and if you choose to, you and the captain could be the only people on the boat. This might be an ideal way for you to take some time and relax.


If you are happy to commit to a bit of exercise then a truly remarkable experience is taking a guided kayak tour, where you will be taken on a fascinating little adventure to explore and learn about the local coastal environment. You will be paddling through mangroves and creeks as well as along the coast. Or maybe you might even go paddling yourself to do a bit of exploring on one of the single or double kayaks that are available to hire. As you are paddling over the beds of seagrass you might want to keep an eye out for the often elusive manatee. The water is clear and shallow so you will be able to see the creatures that live around the seagrass beds and spot many different kinds of sea life all through the mangroves.


The Gulf of Mexico has clear waters. Key West is a good place to do some exploring of the marine world. While out in the water you might even have the chance to see one of the bigger sea creatures that are in this region There are many different cruises and tours that will take you to some amazing local places to go snorkeling. This could include snorkeling off the side of a sailing boat, or on a beautiful coral reef or in a remote protected marine zone that is carefully managed by the locals. You could combine your snorkeling with swimming and other water sports activities. Snorkeling is an activity that the family can do together and can be a great experience for younger children, giving them the chance to see sea creatures close up. The water is warm and calm and you will be well supervised during your activity.

Dolphin Watching

The dolphins are understandably famous. They truly are magnificent creatures. You should be able to see bottle-nosed dolphins in their natural protected environment where they feed and may even put on a bit of a show jumping out of the water. They often will swim alongside the catamaran and you will be able to see how they move so powerfully through the water. This is a very special activity and if you have not seen dolphins in the wild before then it is an exciting and enriching experience.

Jet Skiing

For those who enjoy a little bit more speed in their water sports experience the jet skis offer an exciting opportunity to have fun on the water. If you have not done it before then learning to ride will only take a few minutes. You can take a guided tour which will take you to the southernmost point of the continental United States where you will be able to stop and take photos. You may even spot some of the local sea life during your trip. You will be guided by an experienced jet ski rider during the activity so you can be confident that you will not get lost at sea.

There are a variety of water activities which should offer enough variety to find something that will appeal to everybody. There are the more calm activities of sailing and kayaking where you can be up close to the natural environment. The snorkeling is truly amazing. If you want to combine water sports, then there are cruises that offer you multiple activities. There is even a party cruise. Enjoy your time in a natural paradise that offers you many different things to explore and do.

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