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Pulwama Police holds Career Counselling Cybercrime Awareness Drug de-addiction event

Pulwama 28th Dec. 2021:

Police district Pulwama on tuesday, in an ongoing campaign regarding awareness of Cybercrime, awareness programme related to the Career Counselling/ Drug Deaddiction and Cyber crimes, was organized at Town Hall Pulwama under the supervision of DySP Headquarters Pulwama Shri Mohd. Shafi-JKPS in which Professors, Lecturers, Banking experts, Teachers, Paramedical College students, students of GDC Boys Pulwama and GDC Womens Pulwama, students of Noorani Paramedical College, Union Presidents and respectable of the area participated actively in the session. DySP Headquarter Pulwama Shri Mohd Shafi-JKPS gave inaugural speech regarding online cyber frauds carried out by cybercriminals in order to generate profit for themselves. He also delivered lecture on drug menace and it’s control and other social crimes. After that experts from Cybercell of DPO Pulwama delivered lectures on cyber threats/activities viz Identity theft, Credit card fraud, data stealing, Cyber Stalking, Humiliation of girls, spreading pornography, etc among the participants. Experts during the event also provided the information how cybercriminals carry out cybercrimes through computers or devices directly to damage or how they damage/disable personal computers. while others use computers, how malwares are propagated and how the illegal transfer of information happens including theft of identity.

Besides this Sessions were held related to Drug de-addiction . Speaking on the occasion,DYSP Hqrs Pulwama sought the cooperation of people in eradicating the social evils prevailing in the society particularly menace of drugs. He highlighted the role of parents and said that parents have a greater responsibility in social development of a child as they act as the first teachers and guides of their wards. He also spoke about preventive measures and the role of J&K Police in the prevention of drug addiction. He also highlighted the socio- economic factors contributing to drug addiction and preventive measures thereof and also explained the ways to know the warning signs and symptoms of a drug addict. He further said that to eradicate the menace of drugs from the society, public cooperation is necessary and Police is always available for help to those who are victims of this addiction and is ready to make all possible efforts to help and rehabilitate those affected persons.

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