Sheep Husbandry employees turn a barren land at their place of posting into a garden

TNI Dsek Yusmarg (Budgam): A supervisor and a vaccinator of sheep husbandry department at Yusmarg area of Central Kashmir’s Budgam district have turned a barren land at their place of posting into a garden of flowers and vegetables.
Vaccinator, Ghulam Mohammad Raina and his supervisor, Arshid Ahmad, were posted at first aid centre for sheep in Yusmarg area of Budgam a couple of years ago.
Since then the duo along with a casual attend flocks of sheep every day: at the centre and higher reaches of Yusmarg.
The otherwise lacklustre building, the first aid centre for sheep is becoming an attraction for onlookers.
“ One and half year ago a Malaysian tourist alighted from his van to have a look around our centre,” Raina said, adding that she was so impressed with our flower and vegetable garden that she awarded him a rupees 500 note as token of appreciation.
“Two years ago it was a barren land immersing boulders and rocks,” Raina said, adding that they decided to convert into a garden. The duo used a pickaxe and a shovel to plough the land.
The boulders were lifted. Seeds of different varieties of flowers and vegetables were sown.
Since then gardening this land has been a routine for them. The garden sprouts different varieties of collard including rare species of wild type, sun flower and marigold.


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