Smart Screens are fatal for children

Pulwama, 13 Aug, 2020

By Bhat Faisal

As smartphones have replaced toys and other playing items all over the world and excessive use of smartphones leads to damaging the eye sights. Doctors in Kashmir valley also warn about the alarming rise of cases in loosing eye sight among children from last half a decade.

There is no doubt that smartphones have benefits like ease of communication anywhere anytime contact with friends, family and in theory at least the efficiency brought to busy lives. But every technological advance has its negative consequences also.

According to a survey almost 9 out of 10 children in the kashmir now have a easy availability of smartphones. While they are beneficial in helping children but the health argument isn’t so clear-cut. The survey also finds that smartphones are psychologically addictive.

We need to control the use of smartphones by our kids which absorbs much time of our kids and proves fatal for their eyesight.
Nazir Ahmad, father of 16 year Amir, says “addiction of our son in using smartphone is at a level were he spends around 2500 rupees per month on games and other things and even at times he forgets to have a meal.

“My child no longer communicates with the family, his phone has to be beside him day and night” said perturbed Ahmad, while adding that he is not the son we had.
Some children are so obsessed that they are unable to stay without the smartphone. They constantly check for messages and become irritable if they have to be away from their phone even for a moment.
Parents of Kashmir valley should take it seriously that the excessive use of smart screens is health hazardous and efforts should be made not to give smartphones to their children. Instead they should give them books and other toys which have no negative consequences.


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