This is a list of LA’s most notable people-first businesses to keep an eye on, ranging from rapidly expanding startups to well-established companies with generous perks.

In Los Angeles, spring has sprung. No matter if you’re appreciating the wildlife and plants at the Huntington Library, going for a walk at dusk in Griffith Park, or watching a game at Dodgers Stadium, it can also be a good idea to brush up on the key figures in your area’s tech sector. 14 notable businesses have been selected by Built In Los Angeles as a place to start.

Los Angeles was recently named the third-largest startup market in the United States, with roughly 4,000 venture-backed firms. As a result, several city-based IT companies are releasing updates to the

their cultural diversity, depth, and benefits.

The 14 LA-based businesses we profiled are noteworthy in a variety of ways, but they all have one trait: they are distinctive, people-first businesses that are well worth keeping on your radar during the upcoming spring season.


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What Anduril does is develop tech-enabled goods and services for the U.S. military and its allies. Anduril was recently named one of Fast Company’s 10 most inventive robotics firms of the year. Palmer Luckey, the company’s founder, is most known for creating the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and establishing Oculus VR, which produced it and was bought by Facebook in 2014 for $2.3 billion.

THE BENEFITS Employees and their families receive full premium coverage for health, dentistry, vision, and life insurance.
a yearly bonus for vacations lasting longer than a week
generous parental leave and assistance with all aspects of family formation, such as adoption, surrogacy, and fertility preservation and treatment

Taking technology to the front lines: Lead Drone Technician Jayson Zorola is presently serving in the Army National Guard, and more than 20% of Anduril’s staff are veterans. He stated to Made In LA in November 2022 that his position at Anduril allows him to merge his interests in technology and flying.

According to Zorola, “Anduril has provided a terrific outlet to practise these talents from my time in the army.” Moreover, Anduril has expanded my horizons, reintroduced me to the command-line interface, and taught me a number of apps like Jira and NetSuite that I now use regularly as tools in my technical arsenal.


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What Vast does: Vast creates artificial gravity space stations with the intention of allowing sizable human populations to one day live and work permanently in space. The Long Beach-based business said in February that it had purchased the fledgling space tug company Launcher.


Non-stop PTO
Unrestricted parental leave
company stock

Increasing perspectives: In September 2022, Colin Smith, a member of Vast’s engineering staff, told Built In LA that he joined the aerospace business because he realised the promise and possibility that came with building artificial gravity space stations.

Massive steel building construction is a solved challenge, according to Smith. “Getting them into orbit is only now becoming practical because to the development of very heavy lift, and launching even Getting new personnel into space is now simple.

Authentic method: a senior talent acquisition director According to Melissa Hooven-Powell of Built In LA, she adores FloQast for its noteworthy features and pertinent objective.

Hooven-Powell stated in December 2022, “As a firm founded by accountants, for accountants — literally — we have seen the difficulties we intend to fix firsthand. The legitimacy, however, goes beyond merely having accounting experience. A list of perks and incentives that actually help FloQasters has been established by HR.

What HopSkipDrive does: For young people with special needs, children in foster care, and those who are homeless, HopSkipDrive offers an alternate mode of transportation to school and extracurricular activities. Three working mothers who were having trouble getting their kids to and from activities and school—Carolyn Yashari Becher, Joanna McFarland, and Janelle McGlothin—started the business in 2014.

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