ARE there Affordable Treatment Options?

The cost of paying for addiction treatment can be prohibitive for many needing such help. People in active addiction tend not to have great health insurance or savings accounts. When a person is addicted to substances, everything goes towards that pursuit. 

The disease of addiction affects the mind, body and soul of each individual afflicted. According to SAMHSA, substance abuse disorders affect people of all types and all ages and affects a person’s ability to make rational decisions. 

People with addiction issues often feel as though they are fighting for their life, day in and day out. When it comes to money, the strain of addiction usually engulfs all available resources and then some. 

Commonly, people will drain their bank accounts, savings accounts, max out credit cards and start stealing to support their drug or alcohol habit. Active addiction is a full-time job and long-term financial planning is not usually part of the picture. 

When the person realizes that he or she needs help, the first obstacle to finding treatment is often financial. Drug and alcohol treatment centers can be costly; maybe asking $1000 a day for out of pocket patients. There are plenty of treatment centers that will work with people financially. However, many people looking for treatment have no financial resources and no borrowing options.

Treatment 101

The high number of specialized professionals who work in treatment centers is partially why the cost is so high. Essentially, people are spending an extended period of time in medical treatment, just in less acute care than would be experienced in a hospital. The detox phase of treatment has many parallels to a hospital setting, with the continuous monitoring and 24/7 support.

Despite the high cost of treatment, this is a vital step for many people. Addiction treatment centers help people detox, recover from and learn about the disease of addiction. According to the NIH, no one treatment program works for everyone, which is why you should find a treatment center that will tailor a program to your needs. 

The detox phase of treatment is one of the most difficult for people to endure alone. Some substances can cause deadly withdrawal symptoms, therefore professional detox support is highly recommended. Additionally, many people relapse during the detox process due to the extreme discomfort the withdrawal symptoms cause. 

After detox, the rehab portion of treatment aims at counseling individuals and helping provide coping techniques. Many people started using substances to mitigate stress, anxiety and emotions, and therefore never learned healthy coping strategies to deal with normal life problems. 

The lack of coping strategies and personal problems that led the person to use must be targeted in order for the person to stay sober. These provide a certain level of self-awareness and alternatives to using that would likely otherwise not be found.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), trauma therapy, and other talk therapy methods are commonly used to help people get to the underlying reason for their using. Often, drugs and alcohol are used to mute emotional disturbances that the person doesn’t know how to handle. Therapy can help teach new, healthy methods of adapting to unforeseen problems and provide a game-plan for the stressors that can be predicted. 

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) and outpatient programs both provide the individual with a gradual decrease in level of care. As a person stabilizes, he or she will feel more capable of taking on the world and starting a new life without the burden of using substances. These programs provide the support and guidance while allowing people the personal freedom of choosing when and where to spend their time. 

People often need to get back to work or school and these low intensity treatment options allow them to continue meeting life’s demands while getting the help they need. Through the step-down method people get the level of care they need when they need it and are ready to reestablish their lives upon their graduation from the program. 

Salvation Army 

Salvation Army Harbor Light has a number of treatment centers across the United States. This organization has been doing its part to help those struggling with addiction for over a hundred years. By the 1950’s, American rehab centers for adults began hiring professionals to staff their treatment centers. This was significantly ahead of most organizations as today’s addiction rehab facilities are a relatively new invention. 

Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARCs) have helped people overcome a variety of problems. ARCs serve the community by providing services aimed at treating drug and alcohol addiction, legal problems, homelessness, unemployment, and other needs. For more information about ARC’s in your area, go to

The Salvation Army helps individuals regain their lives and self-respect. Through treatment funded by their thrift shops, they teach people how to rebuild a functional and disciplined life. Each person they treat is given what he or she needs to overcome addiction, including good food, group and individual counseling, a safe and healthy living environment, as well as spiritual support and other guiding activities. 

Through their efforts to combat the devastating disease of addiction, the Salvation Army has helped many people find a new and purposeful life in sobriety. 

Local Treatment Centers

Many metropolitan areas have community rehab programs that are free of charge for the person looking for drug and alcohol treatment. These are often funded by private donations and federal funding. In the Phoenix Metro area, there are options for people with no means of paying for treatment. 

Community Bridges offers treatment in a total of 29 locations across Arizona. Their evidence-based programs have successfully treated many people in a holistic and caring manner.

As a non-profit organization, Community Bridges accepts patients who otherwise would be unable to afford drug and alcohol treatment. In their 31 years of experience, this organization helps people remove the toxic substances from their bodies and lives. Furthermore, they help individuals build a foundation on which they can continue building for the rest of their lives. 

Whatever your needs, there is a solution. You too can get help, even if you have no financial resources. There are many great options, but you have to do the work and get started. Make today the day you decide to change your life for the better. Start recovering today. 

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